Quality and Safety Committee


The Quality and Safety Committee mission is to improve the quality and safety of patient care and excellence in pediatric sedation through SPS standards.  The committee will work to develop practical definitions and metrics for pediatric procedural sedation quality and safety and will oversee the development of standards and/or guidelines relating to its delivery.

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Center of Excellence (CoE)

The CoE Subcommittee works to determine the gold standard for high quality pediatric sedation programs and, through the evaluation of applications, recognizes organized pediatric sedation programs which provide excellent quality procedural sedation care with the Center of Excellence designation.  The subcommittee also works to expand the CoE designation to additional care settings, including Emergency Departments and Dental Offices.

Research Metrics (in conjunction with the Research Committee)

This subcommittee collaborates with the Research Committee to establish a mechanism by which the PSRC can be utilized to obtain and compare metrics from all IOM Quality Domains, not just safety.  Committee members should have interest and/or experience in QI and research and familiarity with the PSRC.

Sedation Resource Library

This subcommittee maintains the SPS Sedation Resource Library by evaluating the sedation guideline literature and updating the SRL with the newest versions of sedation-related guidelines, regulatory and accreditation guidance, Quality Improvement references, etc.

QI Project

This subcommittee provides resources and assistance for SPS members to participate in or develop MOC Part 4 projects or Quality Stories for the COE application.