Institutional Membership

The Society for Pediatric Sedation (SPS) welcomes membership at the Institutional level. Institutions may join as a Platinum member for access to comprehensive benefits, or may choose the Gold level, with a focus on either education or data collection.

Summary of Benefit and Pricing Information

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Online Application

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The premier educational offering of our society is the SPS Sedation Provider Course®. Recently updated to an online blended learning system, the course consists of online education through a series of case-based learning modules, as well as a simulation package for hands-on experience (see for more information). Platinum and Gold-Education Institutional Members are granted full access to the SPS Provider Course Simulation Course materials to facilitate team learning, along with a significant discount for on-line module access for individuals. Institutions may choose to use this course as part of their sedation provider education, training and/or credentialing. Although consultation is available through the SPS, simulation operating costs and faculty will be the responsibility of the local institution.



Platinum and Gold-Data Institutional members are invited to participate in the Pediatric Sedation Research Consortium (PSRC). This multi-institutional research arm of the SPS maintains a detailed sedation database from which robust pediatric sedation research is conducted and on which many of the leading pediatric sedation publications are based. The database has generated over two dozen peer reviewed publications and many more abstracts that have been presented at national and international meetings. The need for continued data collection and research into practice patterns, team performance and patient outcomes is critical to the continued development of the emerging field of pediatric sedation. Institutional participation and contribution to the database facilitates tracking of quality outcomes which can be compared with similar institutions. All faculty, staff, fellows, and residents at qualified member institutions may access data (with Research Committee approval) and collaborate on research projects.



The PSRC database also functions as the basis for pediatric sedation performance benchmarking.
Platinum Institutional Members receive customized and detailed Quality Assurance reports, which include the following:

  • Peer Group (Specialty) Comparisons with institutions of similar size.
  • Institutional Comparisons with all participating hospitals and providers.
  • Breakdown of measured patient variables, pharmacologic agents employed, and adverse event type/frequency in comparison to institutions

In addition to the database-related benefits, Institutional Members quality for a free (Platinum level) or reduced-rate (Gold level) application for designation as an SPS Center of Excellence. Application for this designation is a rigorous process, and sedation services receiving the award are recognized as providers of true state-of-the-art high-quality sedation care.

For additional information about the Society’s activities or questions regarding membership, please contact Greg Leasure, Membership Manager, at [email protected].