Institutional Membership Levels

Click here for a detailed description of annual benefits per membership level.

√ = included Platinum Membership Benefits
$6,000/yr Annual Benefits
Gold-Data Membership Benefits
$3,000/yr Annual Benefits
Gold-Education Membership Benefits
$3,000/yr Annual Benefits
PSRC Data Entry
PSRC Research Collaboration
SPS Sedation Provider Course® Learning Module Package Discount pricing** plus 20 FREE Bonus Keys Discount Pricing** Available Discount Pricing** plus 10 FREE Bonus Keys
SPS Sedation Provider Course® Simulation Package
SPS Sedation Provider Course® at Reduced Rates
Ancillary Members included with Institutional Membership* UNLIMITED 5 5
Center of Excellence Application FREE $500 $500
Consultation Services Up to 10 hours of consultative services Contact SPS for Info Contact SPS for Info
Website Recognition
Job Advertisements

* Ancillary members include nursing, child life and advanced practice nursing (physicians must join as individual members).

** Module pricing for members is $149 per key for up to 49 practitioners within your institution. For 50 or more, the cost is $99 per key.

Explanation of Member Benefits