Education Committee

This committee will develop and provide outstanding information resources about pediatric sedation to Society members, to healthcare providers and the public. This Committee will organize regular meetings of the entire Society, promote other meetings related to pediatric sedation and work to organize and provide training for sedation providers.

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SPS Sedation Provider Course Subcommittee 

The primary charge of the SPS Provider Course Committee is to maintain a high-quality educational course that provides sedation practitioners with the core knowledge, competencies and skills

promoting safe and effective procedural sedation to children. Our secondary charge is to continue to improve and advance the course by optimizing dissemination strategies, providing on-line education, ensuring up to date curriculum content and encouraging research efforts while maintaining financial viability.

Programming Subcommittee
(formerly Conference Planning Subcommittee) 

The Society for Pediatric Sedation’s Annual Conference on pediatric procedural sedation targets a national and international audience representing multiple disciplines and sub-specialties. The committee is charged with producing the annual Society for Pediatric Sedation’s Conference program, ensuring that the educational needs of attendees are met, as well as the marketing and the final execution of the conference.

Scholarly Oversight Subcommittee

This committee collaborates with SPS partner institutions to develop and track metrics for utilization of the SPS Sedation Provider Course Online Modules and Blended Learning System in training and credentialing pathways. This group will also develop, conduct and provide oversight for faculty debriefing workshops and all simulation-based training associated with the SPS Provider Course. The committee will be the primary liaison with institutional member regarding the use of SPS Sedation Provider Course materials and benefits.

Global Health Subcommittee

This committee’s goal is to further the Society’s mission of “striving to be the international multidisciplinary leader in the advancement of global pediatric sedation by promoting safe, high-quality care, innovative research, and quality professional education” in resource-rich and resource-limited settings alike. Learn more